Why you really need to drop ship

24% of Amazon’s revenue comes from customers who first attempted to buy an item from a store. That’s an astounding figure. Retailers are dishing out roughly $67B per year of opportunity costs to Amazon simply because they greeted their customers with, “Sorry, we don’t have that”.

But what’s a retailer to do if they don’t have the assortment depth and breadth to satisfy all of their customers’ needs?

The answer is drop shipping.

Drop shipping allows you to expand the number of different item sizes, colors, and types in your assortment. It also gives you access to the entire catalog of your suppliers and brands. Even better, drop shipping can help you save the sale in store by giving you the ability to ship the missing product, size, or color to a customer’s home or local store. Finally, with modern drop ship data platforms, it’s easier and faster than ever to onboard suppliers and quickly expand your assortment. Some of our customers onboard new brands in as little as a day.

Ultimately, drop shipping means more customer choice, a higher quality customer experience, more assortment, and better cross-channel fulfilment. All of which translates into higher revenue, growth, and customer satisfaction.

It’s a wonder every retailer isn’t drop shipping.

PS: Another great thing about drop shipping is that it allows you to maintain the customer experience in a way that marketplaces never can. Item descriptions, pricing, shipping, labels, returns, etc . . . all are under your direct control with drop shipping

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