Should you build your own drop ship solution?

Is it better to build your own drop ship solution? Homegrown solutions seem like they have a lot of positives. You can customize them to the particular needs of your business while avoiding third party platform fees.

In-house solutions, however, incur a lot of overhead to build and maintain, meaning costs can quickly skyrocket past any potential savings. Additionally, homegrown systems often aren’t as agile as partner solutions and can soon grow out of date without large, continual investment. Finally, since such solutions are customized for the retailer that builds them, trading partners incur significant overhead to make their own systems compatible.

Dsco’s drop ship solution alleviates these homegrown pains:


  1. Save money while encouraging growth with Dsco’s tiered pricing model
  2. Reduce overhead by up to 75% for your entire drop ship ecosystem using Dsco’s flexible integrations and automated onboarding
  3. Maintain access to state of the art tech including API, cloud computing, machine learning, and 100% standardized high fidelity data
  4. Configure Dsco’s solution to your particular business needs using our configurable platform dials

Dsco’s enterprise retail partners have seen impressive results switching from their homegrown systems to Dsco’s platform. They’ve grown their drop ship operations 46% year over year without increasing headcount, reduced supplier onboarding to less than five days, increased fill rates by 200 basis points (saving tens of millions of dollars in the process), and reduced oversell risk with real time inventory visibility and order intelligence throughout their supply chain.

Reach out to us today! We’d love to discuss how we can help you accelerate the growth of your drop ship program and reduce costs.

PS: We’re total supply chain geeks, so even if you have an awesome homegrown solution you’re super proud of, we’d love to hear about it and have our minds blown. Be warned though, we have a lot of impressive goodies of our own that’ll probably blow your mind away as well.

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