Don’t just drop ship, Partner Ship

Dsco is the only drop shipping solution designed to maximize ease of use for brand suppliers. With integration flexibility, lightning fast onboarding, free world class support, and zero cost to the supply side connection, it’s no wonder we have the highest partner brand satisfaction in the industry.

supplier satisfaction

Highest partner brand satisfaction in the industry.

industry-best onboarding times

Your suppliers can be connected and ready to drop ship consumer orders in under two weeks. That’s more than 3x faster than with legacy solutions.

Partner Cost

We charge absolutely nothing for your brands and suppliers to connect and share data with your program. That’s right. Nothing.

higher brand partner acquisition

Dsco’s supplier friendly technology and business model mean more brands will say yes to your program. It’s like Miracle Grow for your ecosystem.

Growing your margins

The 70’s called, they want their pricing back

Dsco is turning inventory integration into a glorious commodity. Our pricing model is designed to make drop shipping programs succeed by encouraging automated real-time data sharing, empowering testing around partnerships and SKUs, and freeing up retailer and brand margins.

“Your competitor charged us to automate every little thing. So we have been doing a lot of manual work just to avoid the cost, even though we could easily set up and use automation. We are very much looking forward to automating this and save ourselves all the work.”

Innerspace Luxury Products


Drop ship success

The Road to Drop Ship Success

Your Dsco implementation team will turn complexity into simplicity. From on-site discovery sessions to design and execution, Dsco’s implementation experience will enable a smooth transition for both you and your entire supply network, no matter how legacy your internal systems are.

“Your team has been instrumental with educating AA on all things onboarding, from EDI to relationship strategies. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

Director eCatalog Operations
Auto Anything

Dedicated account team

of ENTERPRISE Implementation experience

tailored playbook just for you

3 Months Average Implementation Time

About Our Implementation Approach

Partner Onboarding

Unparalleled Parallel Migration

Already drop shipping with 1000 brands? No sweat. Need to add another 400 this year? Still not a problem. Between Gandalf, our Trading Partner Success team, and our Technical Support team, brand partner onboarding to Dsco is as natural as dropping your jaw at the Grand Canyon.

“I like that the setup was very easy and required very little human interaction for results. Gandalf is awesome! When I have any questions they are answered quickly and accurately. Dsco is one of the best.”

Network Support Technician,

Integration choice

With 8+ integration options, our data flexibility allows trading partners to connect using their preferred method including Webform, CSV, Tab, XLS, Excel Files, EDI, and JSON.

Easy onboarding

Dsco’s self service onboarding guide, Gandalf, makes platform data testing & certification instantaneous. No wonder Dsco’s average onboarding time is only 13 days!

World class support

We offer round the clock, 100% free support for all of your supply partners.

How fast could you onboard your program to Dsco?
Inventory assortment

See More Perfectly

Now that you’ve opened the inventory kimono, maintaining accuracy and successful use of millions of inventory SKUs can be a challenge. This is where we show you just how effective Dsco’s data standardization is at enabling real-time inventory accuracy and strategic shipping guidance.

“I wish all our accounts would use Dsco. We do a lot of drop shipping, as we deal with luxury and premium products and want them going directly to the individual….I think it’s great! It’s easy to use…very easy to add and edit product… and I know my IT guy loves it also.”

National Sales Manager,
Helix Rewards

E2E inventory Update Time

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Dsco could update inventory files like . . . a ton of times.


See all the available-to-promise inventory from every location in your ecosystem.

expanded inventory selection

Trading partners on Dsco share more inventory catalogs than through traditional integration brokers

Fulfillment excellence

We’ve turned high performance into a science.

Dsco is loaded with performance-boosting features for your drop ship ecosystem. Our 70+ real time data checks, automated inventory validations, and shipping optimization logic, prevent late deliveries and cancellations before they lead to disappointed end-customers.

“When customers shop online with us they should feel confident knowing what they ordered is available and will ship in a timely manner. We’re impressed by Dsco’s innovative approach to improve the online experience and as the Dsco network grows we’ll be able to further reduce complexity with our brand partners across our supply chain.”

Executive Vice President
Nordstrom Merchandising Group

Real-Time Validations

Higher fidelity data increases fill rates by enabling more accurate data mining, analysis, and error prevention.

More accurate performance tracking & score cards

Dsco’s carrier integrations provide real-time data for metrics such as ASN to give you and your supply partners the rich data needed for improved performance.

Shipping optimization

Dsco automatically optimizes shipping methods for on-time delivery while reducing costs.

Dscover the difference

If you want to go far, go together

We work with some of the largest retailers on the planet. We also work with thousands of suppliers, many of whom are mom and pop operations. The teamwork and coordination between all of these different types of organizations is at the heart of what makes Dsco awesome. So while it’s true that our platform offers a lot of world class features, Dsco’s ultimate secret sauce is our devotion to the long term partnerships enabled by our tech and business model.

“I would say that this Dsco team has got to be the best team I’ve ever worked with when it comes to dropship! They are the Avengers – the Justice League – of the Dropship World. I know what I want to be when I grow up!”

Robert Garcia
Neiman Marcus

What could you do with real-time, universal access to your entire inventory?