The Journey Continues…

In spite of Internet driven commerce evolution (virtualization, connectivity, ecommerce, omnichannel, etc), inventory distortion is a $1.75T problem for retailers and suppliers—and it’s growing. In 1998, and not knowing any better, I dove headlong into this problem with a simple idea for an online ski swap that turned into my first startup GearTrade, an online marketplace for outdoor retailers to more successfully liquidate their overstocked inventory. As ecommerce began pushing changes into the supply chain, GearTrade’s customers asked for help with drop shipping.

As a result, in 2002 startup #2 Doba, a product sourcing and drop shipping virtual distributor solution for retailers, was born. Doba grew quickly and reached #23 (Jordan!) on the Inc 500 fastest growing companies list and consolidated over 2,000,000 SKUs from over 1,000 suppliers into its solution. In 2012, we spun Dropship Commerce out of Doba, as startup #3 with a team and the technology to be a drop shipping software and supply integration platform solution for retailers.

Welcome to the Party.

After 3 years, of what can be frankly described as “better sameness”, the DropShip Commerce team started what we internally called “The Disco Ball Project” in Q4 of 2014. At the time, here’s what we knew:

• We needed to change our product and our business model

• We needed to help move the ‘grow, evolve, and remain competitive needle’ up to 11 for retailers AND suppliers/brands

• We needed something different and crazy enough that could right the un-kept promises of ours to that point and of the current solution providers

• We needed something to attack inventory distortion head on.

Honestly, I wondered if we would likely fail. But…here we are and here you are reading our story. Dsco is the evolution of DropShip Commerce. (startup #3.5 if you’re counting). Dsco is very different, and as you explore and learn, I’m excited for you to understand how.

Why do we do it?

Because a different world needs different solution providers. Because a unique platform that enables partnerships, combined with a fair business model, can fix the ineffective, inventory distorted retail supply chain. Because we have been working on solutions for inventory distortion (marketplaces, drop shipping, integration platforms) across 3 ½ companies over the last 18 years, and we guess somebody’s got to do it.

Tomorrow and Beyond.

Tomorrow’s supply chain can’t be a chain; it has to be a supply network (a real one, not a network-in-name-only). It has to be inventory visibility and data exchange built/standardized to enable control. It has to minimize costs while maximizing growth. It has to have less inventory distortion. Dsco is all of those things and more. Dsco is hosting a supply network party where everyone’s invited and everyone’s equal. Make no mistake: it’s not our party; it’s your party. I, and the rest of the Dsco team, just serve up a supreme selection of fairly priced drinks.

Jeremy Hanks
Founder & CEO