Even Santa Dreads The Last Mile

Crazy. What a good word to describe this time of year. Lots and lots going on.

It’s also particularly good for describing this year in our industry (ecommerce/retail/supply chain).

Between Thanksgiving (“Yay we eat!”) and New Year’s Day (“Going to eat less this year!”) there are close to 40 days. Sitting inside those heavily bookended days (at least in the U.S.) are family plans/travel, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Christmas, and if your family is like mine, A LOT of little to-dos and things to see.

Crazy. Frenetic. Busy. Nuts.

The irony is that if you’re like me, it’s also somehow the time of year when the big picture surfaces through all of that noise.

Thanksgiving starts off by getting you thinking about what’s really important to appreciate. New Year’s gets you into the mindset of improvement and making things better and different for the next 365 days at least.

It’s great to be able to take a little time to be thankful for what’s important (for me? family, friends, associates, and the relationships that make all life rich and worthy of its time), and to identify how we can make ourselves and the world a little bit better next year (mine? spend more time with family and friends, and work to make life reflective).

Specific to Dsco, we’ll continue to work at understanding the problems that retailers and brands have inside the fast-changing world of the supply chain. We believe that if we can comprehend those problems, and then apply a fair business model and data-based scientific approach to the solution for both sides, we’ll continue to be a partner that really helps Dsco users succeed and grow.  Don’t hesitate to let us know how you think we might help to those ends.

Hope you and yours have Spectacular Holidays and a great batch of Awesome in the New Year!!

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