Why Drop Shipping Is the Key to Generation Z

Since Generation Z shoppers tend to buy on impulse and make purchases based on social media trends and fads, the ability to quickly onboard and ship new products is vital for meeting their fast changing demands. Drop shipping with its endless aisle capabilities is an important retail method for achieving such capabilities.

Industry Mergers: What They Mean for Retail

It’s no coincidence that mergers of major brands are increasing at the same time as the economic and structural clout of mega retailers is also spreading throughout the retail industry and supply chain. Consolidation is one of the key strategies that brands are using to respond to and/or push back against the pressures imposed on them by the likes of Amazon and Walmart.

The Unforeseen Impact of Drop-shipping Fees

The various data exchange fees are among the most complicated — and costly — aspects of drop shipping. When used indiscriminately, or applied incorrectly, such fees not only increase overhead but also have unforeseen impacts on a drop-shipping operation’s ability to scale and communicate with trading partners. In this article, Dsco CEO Jeremy Hanks describes a few of these provider fees and their impact.

Retail Drop-Shipping 101

Wondering what drop shipping is and whether it’s right for you retail business? Here’s a quick primer on a few things to consider before launching a drop shipping operation.

Clash of the Titans: Walmart vs. Amazon

The recent clashes between Walmart and Amazon have sent waves rolling through the retail industry. In this article, Dsco founder, Jeremy Hanks, takes a look at possible moves Walmart could take against Amazon and discusses who will ultimately benefit from this battle.