How much does your Drop Ship solution really cost you?

Connection downtime, integration speed, integration maintenance, cancelled orders, transactional fees, technical overhead, and partnership friction…it’s all adding up.

Dsco’s drop ship solution is simplified, standardized, and modernized. Exchange drop ship data with any partner.

Your Way. Their Way. Plug & Play.

No Dsco integration is ad hoc, and your partner’s connection method never disrupts your own.

You don’t bear the cost of connecting directly to all of your trading partners. Say goodbye to connection setup and maintenance overhead!

Stop Cancelling Orders

Dsco enables you to pass more accurate, more timely inventory and order data to your partners, averaging over 90x higher data exchange frequency.

Your partners will be thrilled, more orders get filled, and your brand reputation won’t get killed. Yo.

No Needless Fees

Our model allows you to grow your margins, evolve, and stay competitive.

  • No Per Order Fees
  • No EDI Kilocharacter Fees
  • No Per Document Fees
  • No Revenue Share
  • No Data Certification Charges
  • No Managed Services Fees

Integrate like a Wizard

Reinvest your technical budget elsewhere, because Dsco’s onboarding wizard will guide you through setting up any partnership connection.

Have advanced data mapping needs? There’s a tool for that.

Want the deluxe onboarding experience? Our White Glove support team is ready to serve you.

Testing = Done

Save yourself a month of testing your new integrations. Dsco automates testing as you go through the onboarding experience.

“Some of these guys go to do testing and they just use stock elements, not even your UPC, it’s just a hack. It doesn’t catch anything.” – Coby Sparks – CIO/COO

Say goodbye to the VAN

That’s right. Your drop ship operation can bypass the VAN entirely with Dsco.

Atomic Insight

The Dsco platform provides a logging & history interface to search and view data changes for inventory, orders, shipments, and invoices, as well as the source of those changes.

Stay in Control

You control your data. Your partners control theirs. Dsco has feed protection, robust quality checks and notifications.

Peace, Love & Drop Shipping

Existing models further the historic retailer-as-the-customer, suppliers-as-the-vendor dynamic and utilize that leverage to then extract fees from both sides. It’s sort of like someone offering to buy your lunch, then having the restaurant charge you both for the same lunch AND for every bite you each take.

Drop shipping requires a new way of thinking, because drop shipping is a 3-way contract between consumer, retailer, and supplier. Dsco gives both retailers and suppliers control of their data and integration method so they can work together to help their consumers. No needless fees, and definitely no charging both sides for the same connection.

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