Industry Mergers: What They Mean for Retail

It’s no coincidence that mergers of major brands are increasing at the same time as the economic and structural clout of mega retailers is also spreading throughout the retail industry and supply chain. Consolidation is one of the key strategies that brands are using to respond to and/or push back against the pressures imposed on them by the likes of Amazon and Walmart.

Drop Shipping: How to Manage Returns

Drop shipping requires three major data integrations between the retailer and the supplier: product catalog, inventory, and orders. The order integration and workflow culminates with fulfillment and shipment from the supplier to the end customer. (If you’re new to drop shipping, read my 4-part series on the basics.) To recap, managing product catalog data starts […]

Drop Shipping for Ecommerce, Part 3: Suppliers vs. Retailers

In “Drop Shipping for Ecommerce, Part 1: Supply Chain History,” my first article, I addressed basic supply chain evolution inside of ecommerce. Last month, in “Part 2: The Basics,” I defined drop shipping, reviewed contradictory real-world advice about it, estimated how large it might be, and outlined some specific challenges to adopting it. This article […]