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Turn your store fleet into Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) centers today


Even before COVID-19, BOPIS was an important growth channel. Now, with tens of millions of dollars stuck inside physical stores, DCs, and FCs, quickly launching a BOPIS program is more vital than ever. And you have a very short window to do so.

Use the Dsco platform to turn your stores, fulfillment centers, and partner inventory locations into ATP for your BOPIS network. As an order comes in, the nearest store is the ideal pick / pack point, but if it isn’t available, Dsco’s dynamic order routing AI immediately forwards the order to the next possible location (including drop ship) to quickly move items to the customer's local store for pick-up.


1. Updated store quantities are uploaded to your website
2. A customer places their order online
3. Dsco’s dynamic order and ship routing logic receives the order
4. The order is sent to the proper store
5. Your store associate picks, packs, and prepares the order
6. The order is picked up by the customer at the store


“I can recommend Dsco with a standing ovation! The communication, ease of doing business and flexibility are best in class. We are one week into using the platform, and we have saved many, many hours already. My team is so happy. Love it!

Meg Hopkins, VP Wholesale, Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds significantly reduced their drop-ship opportunity costs using the Dsco platform.


Coral reefs are the world’s most productive ecosystems. They make up only 0.1% of the oceans’ surface area but attract 25% of all marine species due to the abundance of food and shelter they provide. Similarly, BOPIS can work as an important driver of foot traffic to retail stores, bringing in customers that often end up buying 15% more of their original carts while taking advantage of the free same-day delivery that BOPIS provides.

Draw More customers to your stores now!


Implementing Dsco’s BOPIS solution will be the best strategic decision you ever made

Don’t wait months to smooth out major cash flow challenges and avoid write-offs from outdated stock.

Configurable order routing logic enables huge reductions in fulfillment costs.

Access to Dsco’s customer success team comes standard with Dsco integrations.

Use the Dsco platform to quickly turn your stores into efficient ecommerce Pick Up centers

Same Day Store Integrations

Dsco’s solution is so fast the only limiting factor is how quickly you can marshal your resources and get your store teams moving.

Modern and Easy UI

Intuitive UI means your store associates can start fulfilling orders as soon as their store is integrated. No special training required!

Dynamic Order & Shipping Routing

Use Dsco’s configurable routing logic to dynamically route orders throughout your store fleet.

Complete Pick, Pack, & Ship Tools

Give your store associates everything they need to organize orders, pick, pack, and create labels for print.

Dedicated Success and Support Teams

A dedicated team of customer support and success experts will help you get your stores online fast and walk you through Dsco’s state of the art BOPIS features.

Inventory and Order API

Process inventory and order data in real time with Dsco’s state of the art API.

Create your bopis
ecosystem today​

A concerted effort by your team can get your stores up and running in a matter of days, and we are ready to help you make that happen.

  1. Set up a call with Dsco to map out a fast implementation
  2. Rally your team resources
  3. Execute Alongside Dsco to get your store inventory online and turning



Dsco makes it easy to see, share, and sell inventory from any source. Thousands of the largest retailers and brands use the Dsco platform to power world-class omnichannel strategies such as drop shipping, direct to consumer, and ship to store. 

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