Sole Society Reduces Canceled Orders by 5x

Add Your Heading Text Here SOLE SOCIETY TURNING DROP SHIP INTO A HUMMING REVENUE DRIVER Sole Society wanted to increase fulfillment rates and reduce exceptions management overhead. After partnering with Dsco, their fulfillment rate increased by 15%. Faster inventory data uploads also improved the accuracy of their retail partner’s ecommerce site, reducing the number of […]

Vance Checketts, Veteran Leader of Dell EMC, is DSCO’s new Chief Operating Officer

“Every investment in retail today is about taking the consumer experience to the next level. That means tackling the extremely complex data sharing challenges that have persisted in the supply chain for decades,” DSCO’s Founder & CEO Jeremy Hanks said. “Vance has strong experience solving hard data problems for the enterprise and in supporting rapid, disruptive growth. The DSCO team is thrilled to have him on board as we work to help retail surpass the expectations of the digital consumer.”

Unit-level tracking isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Around the world, companies hold onto stock they know nothing about, or worse, promise products to customers they don’t have. Typically, retailers and brands operate on data that is only 65% accurate, wasting $1.5 trillion of revenue opportunities.