Allen Edmonds Reduces Drop Shipping Cancellations and Opportunity Costs

Add Your Heading Text Here ALLEN EDMONDS REDUCING DROP SHIPPING CANCELLATIONS AND OPPORTUNITY COSTS Brands spend millions every year on the development of exceptional products, and every year brings those brands further into the consumer purchase experience. For Allen Edmonds, their growth in drop ship required a new level of awareness and visibility into the […]

KNS Intl. Reduces Drop Shipping Complexity

Add Your Heading Text Here KNS INTL. REDUCING DROP SHIPPING COMPLEXITY KNS International is one of the world’s greatest drop shippers, hands down. KNS has built it’s business from the ground up to be exceptional at inventory accuracy, same-day fulfillment, and guiding their partners to growth and success. For KNS, their growth in drop ship […]

Kohl’s Onboards 550+ Brands in Under Four Weeks

Add Your Heading Text Here Kohl’s How Kohl’s onboarded 550+ suppliers in under 4 weeks Kohl’s wanted to provide significant cost savings to their drop shipping brands by switching to Dsco. The major onboarding push needed to be accomplished during the second half of the fourth quarter in order to avoid another year of service […]

$20B Retailer Reduces Data Technology Costs by 60%

Add Your Heading Text Here $20B Retailer Reduces data Technology costs by 60% A $20B retailer’s legacy data exchange solution cost their entire ecosystem millions of dollars per year in various onboarding, testing, platform use, maintenance, and data fees. Partnering with Dsco allowed them to reduce those drop shipping technology costs by 60%. Request the […]

Nordstrom Accelerates Drop Ship Growth

Add Your Heading Text Here NORDSTROM ACCELERATING GROWTH THROUGH MODERN DROP SHIPPING When every millisecond counts in the customer’s experience, Nordstrom knows the importance of keeping inventory across their thousands of brand partners in sync. That’s why Nordstrom teamed up with Dsco to bring high fidelity to their digital, globally distributed inventory, using modern technology […]

A Top 50 Retailer Improves Supplier Satisfaction​

Add Your Heading Text Here Top 50 Retailer Improves Supplier Satisfaction A top 50 retailer with over 1000 drop ship suppliers partnered with Dsco to increase supplier satisfaction and ended up accelerating their onboarding speed while gaining access to even more expansive inventory assortments. Request the PDF to learn more! READY TO DSCOVER THE DIFFERENCE? […]

A $15B Retailer Improves Fill Rates by 200 Basis Points

Add Your Heading Text Here $15B Retailer CREATING HIGH DROP SHIPPING PRODUCTIVITY A leading $15B retailer with over 300 stores worldwide, partnered with Dsco to increase inventory accuracy and ended up improving fulfillment rates by 200 bps while reducing data sharing costs by over 75%. Request the PDF to learn more. READY TO DSCOVER THE […]

Change is Both Scary and Awesome

. . . I can’t help but wonder . . . 100 years from now, what relics of today’s innovations will be turned into revitalization projects and rooftop bars?