A Solution for Distributed Order Management

If you’re like a lot of our retail partners you hate being unable to fulfill an order due to limited cross-channel inventory visibility. You also find it frustrating that different channels can’t access the same assortments, leading to higher opportunity and shipping costs. And though you wish there was a way to offer faster shipping, your legacy solutions are unable to efficiently route orders to inventory locations closer to customers.

Dsco’s platform gives you complete visibility into all of your inventory sources. Its API allows real time exchange of order and inventory data, increasing fill rates while reducing cancellations and returns. Your customers also gain access to the fastest, cheapest shipping available through Dsco’s optimized shipping logic. Finally, Dsco is easy to use with a modern UI portal accessible by all store associates and employees, with no prior training.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to stitch all of your inventory sources together–whether stores, FCs, 3PLs, or trading partner warehouses–using Dsco’s automated routing logic. This will allow you to route orders throughout your ecosystem using fully customizable dials that you configure based on the needs of your customers.

Reach out to us today and we’ll show you how to quickly set up your Distributed Order Management system while saving months and millions of dollars in the process. A concerted effort by your team can get many of your inventory locations up and running in a matter of days, and Dsco is ready to help you make that happen.

Implementing Dsco’s Distributed Order Management solution will be the best strategic decision you ever made for your supply chain.

PS: Make sure to reach out to us today if you’re facing any kind of inventory visibility or access issues. Every day that inventory goes unsold creates a compounding cash problem. We’d love nothing more than to help you offer larger integrated assortments while creating even more channels for your customer journeys.

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Dsco is the world’s most powerful Distributed Inventory Platform, making it easy to see, share, and sell inventory from any source. Thousands of the largest retailers and brands on the planet use Dsco to power world-class omnichannel strategies such as drop shipping, direct to consumer, ship to store, and more.

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