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Provide Accurate & Timely Inventory

It’s crucial for your retailers to get accurate and timely inventory updates. Having to provide inventory visibility to many partners via many methods is complicated. And when you have to use VANs, the data costs get crazy expensive. With Dsco, you can push inventory updates once (without the data fees) and we handle the many. Faster and exact inventory means lower cancel rates and Auto-Decrementing can safe guard your retailers from over-selling.

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Stay on Top of Orders & Invoices

Drop shipped orders and invoices can be confusing because they are both a consumer order and a P.O. Which order came from where? How to receive payments when # of invoices increase by 1,000s of times? Lots of blind spots in the process. Dsco provides visibility to the blind spots, makes the process seamless, and helps you increase those ever important fill rates. This makes your retailers happy and your shared consumers ecstatic.

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Share Catalog & Item Data Your Way

Working with retailers of all sizes is complicated. We allow multiple ways for you to exchange rich item data and extended attributes with anyone. Or, if you want, you can just share inventory data. You can also share specific catalogs with specific retailers and each retailer can have their own pricing.

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See a Single Source of Truth

The Dsco platform provides a logging & history interface to search and view data changes for inventory, orders, shipments, & invoices and where those changes came from. This gets data out of the world of I.T., databases, files, & systems so that your team is empowered to have complete visibility and to find data discrepancies between you and your retailers or easily troubleshoot any issues with data integrity.


Know the Score

The Dsco Platform provides an overview of how you’re doing to provide an amazing consumer experience. The notification system alerts you to those little gremlins that plague your business. A glance at the dashboard lets you rest at ease that everything is humming along and meeting your SLA requirements.

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