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You don’t bear the cost of connecting directly to all of your trading partners. You connect to Dsco, we handle everything in between.

dsco supplier communication

Total visibility and control. In order to be flexible with rapid industry and technology changes, you need a single system and point of integration to manage.

no shopping cart fees

No Per Order Fees

No Needless Fees

no character fees

Kilo-Character Fees

no certification configurations

No Data Certification Configurations

Our model allows you to grow your margins, evolve, and stay competitive.

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We don’t believe in per order transaction fees, required integration fees, or EDI kilo-character fees. Existing models further the historic retailer-as-the-customer, suppliers-as-the-vendor dynamic and utilize that leverage to then extract fees from both sides. It’s sort of like someone offering to buy your lunch, then having the restaurant charge you both for the same lunch AND for every bite you each take. We can’t reconcile in our mind why a solution provider should charge twice AND take a cut that squeezes your margins as you grow (probably because we have simple minds). Dsco is different, because once you’re connected, its simple, affordable, and scalable to connect to others.

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